Products & Services

LEMI is a supplier, distributor and contractor of various electrical, mechanical, instrumentation and electro-mechanical products and equipment.

Below is the list materials produced by well-known manufacturers that we offer


As a Channel Partner of ABB Inc. 
 Softstarters (PSR, PSS, PSE, PST Series)
 Variable Frequency Drives (Standard and Low Harmonic Drives)
 Instrumentation Products (Flowmeters,Transmitters, Recorders, Analyzers, Etc.)
 Other Electrical LV & MV Products (MCC, Switchgear, Transformers, Motors, Etc.)



 Flowserve Pumps (Horizontal, Vertical & Submersible Pumps)

 Zenit (Submersible Electric Pumps, Submerged Aerators and Lifting System)

 Zoeller Pumps (Sump Pump, Sewage/Dewatering Non-clog Pump)



 Saint-Gobain PAM (Butterfly valves, Ball check valves, Gate valves, Air valves & Flap valves)


 Guanghua DI Pipes

 Tianjin Junxing HDPE Pipes and Fittings (Butt Fusion Fitting, Socket Fusiong Fitting, Fabricated Pipe Fitting, HDPE Sewerage Pipes & HDPE Double Wall Corrugated Pipe)



Mitsubishi and Cummins Genset (Skid Type, Open Type and Mobile Genset)